Welcome to the Hyunam-Dong Bookshop

A Novel

English language

Published 2024 by Bloomsbury Publishing USA.

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4 stars (2 reviews)

5 editions

Welcome to the Hyunam-Dong Bookshop

3 stars

This is not my usual type of read - in fact, I almost put it down early on, but then I identified so hard with the first Minjun chapter that I stuck with it.

It's very much like a version of Bookshops & Bonedust without the fantasy trappings and the larger plot - characters with a variety of personal issues come together around a bookshop.

It's well written (and well translated! which is not a given!) - what I'm really missing is something actually happening. The characters each go through their different journeys of personal discovery and/or growth, but nothing is materially different at the end of the book. 🤷

Cozy, heartfelt, reflective

5 stars

Intentionally read this slow to savor it. This is what I want from a light hearted cozy slice of life - enough depth and emotional resonance for characters to work through small (but big to them) struggles without it feeling too perfect.

It is a bit episodic in nature at times, but the slow pace I read it made it so I didn’t mind that at all. If I gave into my desire to devour this quickly then I may have felt a little differently and knocked a star based on my mood influencing the feel.

Great if you like some of the other recent slice of life darlings that feature bookish or coffee themes. Lower emotional stakes but still has depth.