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Elke Veraart is in prison. She used to be an eco-terrorist, hunting down poachers to protect endangered species. Now she’s facing the grim reality of life behind bars. Just as Elke is about to give up hope she is offered a chance to win back her freedom. All she has to do is find a missing dog.

Meisje is no ordinary dog. She's cybernetically enhanced, a valuable living weapon. She's also lost, hungry, and alone. As Elke closes in on Meisje she finds her admiration for the resourceful cyber-dog growing. And Meisje begins to wonder if she could trust the woman on her trail.

Then Elke discovers that she’s not the only one hunting the cyber-dog, and that her orders have changed. She must do more than find Meisje. She has to kill her.

Elke has to make an impossible choice: her freedom, or Meisje’s life. Or is there another …

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cyberpunk detective with a modern sensibility, plus dogs

4 stars

Somehow this reminds me of the "Recovery Man" books by Kristine Katherine Rusch. A lone detective fights for the underdog (literal dog in this case), fighting against corporate interests in a high tech setting with aliens. The aliens here are quite relatable, rather than implacable, but they still hold most of the cards. By modern sensibility I mean little things like the protagonist is lesbian, but nobody makes a big deal out of it, including her.

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5 stars