Engines of Oblivion

The Memory War #2

Paperback, 304 pages

Published Feb. 8, 2021 by Tor Books.

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5 stars (1 review)

Natalie Chan gained her corporate citizenship, but barely survived the battle for Tribulation.

Now corporate has big plans for Natalie. Horrible plans.

Locked away in Natalie's missing memory is salvation for the last of an alien civilization and the humans they tried to exterminate. The corporation wants total control of both—or their deletion.

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Engines of Oblivion

5 stars

I nibbled my way through this one in tiny chunks, because it's bleak in the same very plausible way that made me walk away from black mirror.

I enjoyed that it focused on a different character than the first installment, which allowed the narrative to come from a different direction and give a new perspective on events. An intriguing (while bleak) look at transhumanism/posthumanism in a setting of unfettered capitalism.