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I'm currently the coordinator of the #SFFBookClub so a lot of what I'm reading is suggestions from there.

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Infomocracy (2016) 3 stars

It's been twenty years and two election cycles since "Information," a powerful search engine monopoly, …

Brilliant at times, but didn't stick the landing

3 stars

Content warning vague general spoilers

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What Moves the Dead (Hardcover, 2022, Tor Nightfire) 5 stars

Puts the right flesh on the bones of Poe's story

5 stars

Content warning mild spoilers for the whole book

The Fall of the House of Usher (Paperback, 2001, Pearson ESL) 3 stars

Not my favourite of Poe's stories

3 stars

[this review is about the title story only] I was surprised by how short this story was. The way I hear it talked about kind of gives it the status of a novel in my mind, and it's really just a sketch, almost a single scene. Which is a format Poe absolutely excelled at--I think his best stories are so effective precisely because they're so tightly focussed and written--but somehow this one felt too skeletal to me. Which makes it a perfect choice for Ursula Vernon to have built around, but not a story I found very satisfying in its original form.

Other Covenants (2022, Ben Yehuda Press) No rating

Is anything more Jewish than stories of alternate history?

After all, at the center of …

CW: I had been hoping that the Jewish nature of this compilation would mean I could get through a whole speculative fiction collection without a "what if the Nazis had won?" story. The third story is... not precisely that but pretty much.

I have Opinions about this being where our imaginations go when given such a potentially liberating brief, but at the same time it's a well written story. Just don't read it to unwind at bedtime.