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I mostly read SF&F. My 2021

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DM me if you want to read books that I've read, I can lend most of them as ePubs.

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Paladin's Grace (2020, T Kingfisher) 4 stars

Stephen's god died on the longest day of the year…

Three years later, Stephen is …

Viewing this book on Goodreads I saw a list for well written comfort books where people are nice to each other, and I gotta say, this book is exactly that. So I made a list on here with books I read/I'm reading soon. It's an open group, so please feel free to contribute with your faves from Science Fiction & Fantasy. Basically, the closest it makes you feel to a book from Becky Chambers, the best it'll fit in this list.

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Selfish, shallow, and self-absorbed (2015) 5 stars

Personal stories and different perspectives

5 stars

It was nice to read thoughts on the topic from people of various ages and sexual preferences, males and females. I find it’s hard to have an open conversation about this topic nowadays. The essays are very personal and honest bringing diverse perspectives. I'm glad these voices are out there debunking the prejudice that childless people (especially women) are selfish or that there is something wrong with them. Being a woman who decided at an early age to not pursue motherhood, this was a refreshing read for me.