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I enjoy a wide range of books, from non-fiction with a progressive slant, to science fiction, to poetry, to experimental stuff. I read in Spanish sometimes. Recent highlights, to give a flavour: The Half-built Garden - Ruthanna Emrys The Lovesongs of W.E. Du Bois - Honore Fannone Jeffers The Value of Everything - Marian Mazzucatto A Prayer for the Crown Shy - Becky Chambers Post-colonial Love Poems - Natalie Diaz

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Empireland (Hardcover, 2021, Viking) 3 stars

Falls short

3 stars

As far as it goes it is absorbing, and illuminating, the book is full of anecdotes about the history of Empire, and it goes some way to reassessing the legacy of Empire, but it becomes repetitive, and pulls away sometimes from drawing the conclusions that seem to stand out from the stories he tells. In the end though he shows that imperialism has clearly shaped modern Britain, he doesnt really go deep enough into How it did/does that.